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Fundamentals of User Research

Fundamentals of User Research



Product Description

Before thinking about marketing and branding, you first need to understand your target market’s needs, behaviors and motivations. This class will teach you how to interview potential customers, turn qualitative research into useful insights and leverage those insights to shape your business.


  • Learn how to structure a basic research plan and discussion guide
  • Understand the 8 methods and best practices for low-barrier research
  • Explore how to conduct, capture and present qualitative research
  • Learn how to inexpensively gain access to research participants
  • Practice interviewing

Who This Class is For: New and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as anyone who want to learn how to improve their customer insights skills.

About Your Instructors

DESIGN GYM ONLY-01 Jason Wisdom and Andy Hagerman are co-founders of The Design Gym. The Design Gym is a NYC-based company that empowers people and companies with the tools to create change. In addition to designing, teaching and facilitating a variety of events and workshops on collaborative problem solving, they also launch various unique projects. From a community-led office in Santiago, Chile to an idea accelerator disguised as a taco shop, The Design Gym is constantly finding new ways to change the way they work. Their clients have included organizations such as Applegate, Etsy, Acumen, Donors Choose and Mozilla to name a few.

Refund Policy

We are committed to providing you with the best possible education, so if you’re not satisfied with your experience, we offer a guaranteed refund of individual classes or the entire course within 7 days.

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    I couldn’t have been happier with this course. Understanding your customers is so critical, especially in the food & consumer packaged good space. It drives nearly everything about your business – from the language you use, to the colors, logos, and ultimately the product that you create. This class gives students the opportunity to establish a great foundation to develop strategies that fit their specific business. Couldn’t be happier with the course – an absolutely essential course for food entrepreneurs!

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